iExec Dev. Letter #11



Welcome Ugo!

How to deploy any application on iExec

  • -1- install sdk
  • -2- execute the following command to initialize your iExec project:
  • -3- create your project main directory executing :
  • -4- download ffmpeg from and install the Linux AMD64 binary into the apps/ directory:
  • -5- create your smart contract Ffmpeg.sol with your preferred editor (be careful that copy/paste may insert wrong quotes):
  • -6- edit “iexec.js” file to export your application name: it must be the smart contract name (“Ffmep”, as defined at step -5-) (again, be careful with the pasted quotes)
  • -7- create a wallet on testnet with some RLC by executing :
  • -8- execute the following command to stake and check 5 nRLC:
  • -9- deploy your ÐApp so that you and your potential users will be able to access it over the blockchain
  • -10- submit a job to your Ffmep ÐApp : ffmpeg needs (a) the URI of an input file in the “dirinuri” variable and (b) a command line in the “cmdline” variable (for the 3rd time, beware of pasted quotes ;) )
  • -11- retrieve your result: previous execution shown the transaction hash of your submission; you need it to retrieve your result

ÐApp results


Dapp Challenge — Part II


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Julien Béranger

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