Decentralized Oracles: Get Started & Earn RLC

Price feed: a simple example of a Decentralized Oracle

Get started with iExec Oracles

1- Soccer Scores DOracle (Gitcoin / Github)

  • Use case: soccer game betting platforms
  • Data source: soccer game API (example)
  • Input: a soccer game ID
  • Output: official final score

2- Flight Delay Detector DOracle (Gitcoin / Github)

  • Use case: flight insurance services
  • Data source: a flight API (example)
  • Input: a flight ID
  • Output: delay in minutes

3- Bitcoin Transfer Verifier DOracle (Gitcoin / Github)

  • Use case: ICO crowdsale smart contract
  • Data source: a Bitcoin explorer (example)
  • Input: a BTC transaction hash
  • Output: BTC transfer amount

4- TLS Notary DOracle (Gitcoin / Github)

  • Use case: on-chain TLS proof of web content
  • Data source: user input (must be a URL)
  • Input: any URL
  • Output: URL content + its TLS proof

What do I need to do

  • Fetch the data from the API
  • store the hash of the result in the determinism.iexec file
  • store the encoded result (using ABI.encode) in the callback.iexec file
  • Edit the provided template by filling your app ID
  • Use truffle to deploy the smart contract

Got another oracle idea? Get a chance to be rewarded in RLC!

iExec Ideas Box



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Julien Béranger


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